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Master your ability to show coaching competencies (aka quality coaching), so you are successful in your ICF Credentialing Application!

Are You Applying for An ICF Credential?

Whether for ACC, PCC, or MCC, you will need to submit a transcript of your recording, and this document will be beneficial to you.

I assess weekly ICF ACC, PCC, and MCC recordings and have collected a list of 10 of some notable mistakes to avoid when submitting your transcript to increase your chances to receive an accurate evaluation and avoid delays in the application process.

100% Pass

Among my mentees on the first application to date

 I Promise

to work with you until all quality gaps are closed

Holding a Credential

is the promise to our clients we are professional experts in coaching skills and competencies and committed to delivering quality

 Mentoring for Quality

is my passion, for you to align your coaching with the ICF Definition of Coaching and Competencies to succeed in the Credentialing application

 Coaching with Quality

is the best way to grow one coach’s business, reputation, recognition, referrals, and to earn more

Mentoring for YOUniqueness

for you to create YOUnique blend of competencies, just as painters mix colors to create unique art

In our Mentor Coaching Programs, we work with rigor to create YOUnique Art...of Coaching!

Giuseppe Totino, MCC - Gaudi


ICF Group Mentor Coaching Program - Participant Richard Cook,PCC
ICF One-on-One Mentor Coaching Program - Participant Bryan Hart, MCC
“There is a kind of purity about him when he is with you. He is totally focused on you and on what you are doing. But there is this human being here, and that touches you, so you feel that there is a person in the room that is interested in you and really wants the best for you.”

— Coach Richard attended a Group Program in 2019

“His style and approach to mentor coaching is engaging. Whenever we were looking at the assessment and the transcripts' details, it was never about the paper or those details. He kept looking at me, challenging me, engaging me in the process. I felt he cared about me. Even though what he shared with me was tough, he cared!”

— Coach Bryan attended a 1-on-1 Program in 2018

Our EASIER Mentor Coaching Programs




ICF Accredited, up to 10 participants, 7 group and 3 individual Mentor Coaching sessions for ICF ACC and PCC or MCC credentialing application or renewal. Sessions are virtual and recorded. Include peer practice and peer and mentor feedback. Access to audio and video library with coaching demo tips and tools and quizzes to check your progress. Up to 36 CCEUs available


For more in-depth work, explicitly tailored to develop individual needs. For ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credentialing application or renewal. You can take any number of sessions and review of recording with written feedback. Mentor coaching sessions are virtual and recorded. Excellent to practice 1:1 with the mentor and to receive immediate verbal feedback. Up to 10 CCEUs available

10 CCEUs (*)

Up to 10 hours of Mentor Coaching  for credential application or renewal
(*) 26 additional CCEUs are on the way subject to ICF approval

Learn with EASIER

I designed the EASIER Framework, so you learn with ease the ICF Core Competencies

Distinctive Learning Support

Video and audio library with coaching demos, infographics, and quizzes to maintain focus and to track your learning progress

All You Need

Empathy, rigor, flexibility, (a lot of) recorded practice, and feedback are the key components of our mentor coaching programs

Featured Products of Our Programs

Giuseppe Totino MCC Expert ICF Credentialing Mentor Coach - The EASIER Framework e-book
Giuseppe Totino MCC ICF Experienced Credentialing Mentor Coach - Infographics icon 1920x1080
The EASIER Framework
Infographics for Each Topic
More About Programs

Meet Giuseppe

ICF Experienced Credential Mentor Coach - Giuseppe Totino MCC

I Volunteer For Growth

I trained in the PCC markers, and I assess weekly ACC, PCC, and MCC recordings. I also proudly train ICF PCC Assessors worldwide in English and Spanish

I Have Passion

about coaching and have a vivid desire to support the development of our professionalism in coaching

I Appreciate

my mentee’s strengths as they grow their fluency in the ICF competencies, to coach with quality and ease

I Value

the being of the mentee to be pivotal for the transformation

My Mission

is to help coaches become the best coaching professionals they aspire to be

My Goal

is to support 100 coaches to get to MCC by 2025!

More About Giuseppe

My Contribution

In 2019 I volunteered to contribute as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), to update the new ICF Coaching Core Competencies and, in 2020, the new PCC Markers and their translation into Spanish. Shown below is a clip from the ICF Competencies webpage in which they describe the changes that were made to the competencies and what it means to me.


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I value and recognize when coaching is done with quality.

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ICF Credentialing Mentor Coach - Giuseppe Totino MCC