Experienced ICF Credentialing Mentor Coach - Meet Giuseppe Totino, MCC

My mentoring mission is to help coaches show competence in all Core Competencies at their aspiring credentialing level and to be successful on their first application.


My goal is to support 100 coaches to get to MCC by 2025!


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Giuseppe is a vibrant Volunteer at the ICF. 

He contributed to the update of the 2019 new Core Competencies and the 2020 PCC Markers.

Giuseppe is an active Assessor and Trainer.

He assesses weekly ACC, PCC, and MCC recordings for ICF and his mentees. He trains ICF Assessors on the PCC Markers, both in English and Spanish.

He believes delivering quality coaching means alignment to the ICF definition of coaching and the core competencies.

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He is fluent in the ICF Core Competencies and the PCC Markers

He is engaging, direct, and detail oriented yet empathetic and caring

He designs Mentor Coaching Programs to succeed in the credentialing application.

So far, 100% of his mentees passed on their first application

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He created the EASIER Framework that all his mentees use

The EASIER Framework is a learning compendium to help coaches quickly and intuitively build confidence in the Coaching Core Competencies along their professional journeys.

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Experienced MCC Coach, ICF Registered Mentor, Assessor, and Trainer of Assessors. He is passionate about coaching and an advocate of professionalism in coaching.

He is a former UK Chartered Tax Advisor and an International Consultant with KPMG.  Holds a Master of Laws (L.L.M.), M.Sc. in Business, and a B.A. in Economics & Finance.

He mentors groups and individuals since 2017, and so far, 100% of his mentees passed the credentialing examination on their first application.

He worked in diverse and multicultural contexts, like the United Nations, and studied Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg.

Whatever it is, exhibiting your YOUniquess can make all the difference.

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