ICF requirements and standards for transcripts of recordings

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Giuseppe Totino MCC ICF Experienced Credentialing Mentor Coach - Blog - What are the ICF requirements and standards for transcripts

Why is this important?

To receive an accurate assessment of your recordings based on transcripts that comply with the International Coaching Federation requirements and standards for transcripts and faithfully reflect the coaching conversations you submit to the ICF for an assessor evaluation when applying for an ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential. 


In brief:

Make sure to send in a transcript that accurately reflects the coaching conversation recorded and comply with the ICF standards set forth for transcript submissions. When you submit a compliant transcript with the ICF standards for transcripts, the ICF will accept your application. You would avoid delays in your application or omissions in how an ICF assessor will assess your recording. 



When applying for an ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential, you need to submit one or more recordings along with the transcription of each recording. When a transcript is not accurate, ICF may return your transcript, and your application delayed.



To submit an accurate transcript of the recordings you have selected to use for your ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential application, you need to make sure that your transcript is faithfully satisfying the ICF requirements and standards for transcripts. 


These are reported below for your perusal.


ICF requirements and standards for transcripts. 

  • The transcription process involves converting the conversation captured in voice-recorded coaching sessions (audio files) into word-for-word text format.
  • Your transcript(s) must be a verbatim, written word-for-word record of the coaching session(s) submitted.
  • Your transcript(s) must indicate who is speaking—the coach or the client—at any time in the conversation.
  • The transcript(s) must list the coach’s statements and the client’s statements on separate lines.
  • Your transcript(s) must include timestamps at every change in speaker (coach and client). 
  • Can I use an app or software to create my transcripts?
    Yes, as long as the provided transcript is verbatim, word-for-word text.

Are there variances among ACC, PCC, and MCC to consider? 

No! The above standards apply to all credentials application independently of the level of credential sought. So both ACC, PCC, and MCC applications must comply with the same ICF requirements and standards for transcripts.


Is there a transcript specimen document available?

Yes! And you can download it here. And applicants must provide transcripts in .DOC, .DOCX, or similar word processing file format. ICF will not accept transcripts supplied in PDF format.


You can find additional information on Performance Evaluations for ACC, PCC, and MCC on the ICF Website

Reference Material: ICF Website


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