ICF Unveils New Logo, Website, and Organization in a YouTube Video

useful resources Jan 11, 2021

On Jan 11, 2021, on the brink of its 25th anniversary, The International Coaching Federation unveiled a new logo, a new website (coachingfederation.org), and presented its new Six Family Organizations identified with unique color schemes.

The Six Organizations are:

  • ICF Professional Coaches
  • ICF Credentials and Standards
  • ICF Foundation
  • ICF Coach Training
  • ICF Coaching in Organizations
  • ICF Thought Leadership Institute

The visual impact is pleasant; the look is fresher and feels modern and new overall.

On a more substantial note, I personally welcome the change that accompanies the evolution of coaching. Coaching, as well as the coaching business and the coaching communities, have all evolved. The ICF is now a complex organization, and I expect to see new developments, especially from the separation of Credentials and Standard and Coach Training.

The future of coaching requires clear and separate paths for administering the two single most impactful components of the ICF Coaching Business. With the new structure, the ICF can better serve the Global Coaching Community with a 'BOLD LEAP FORWARD"!


ICF Statement

For the past 25 years, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) has been the leading voice for the global coaching community. Now it's time for a bold leap forward... into the future of coaching.


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