The EASIER One-on-One Mentor Coaching Programs


Master Quality Coaching To Apply For A Successful ICF Credentialing


For more in-depth work, the EASIER One-on-One programs progress around individual needs to help speed up learning and close competency gaps, to make it easy for ICF examiners to determine positive evidence of competence in all the competency areas examined.

These programs are for those willing to go deeper with their learning, receive more personal attention, and reach a higher proficiency level in the ICF Core Competencies.

You can take any number of mentor coaching sessions, request any number of reviews of your session recordings, and receive written feedback. Sessions are with video and recorded. Excellent to practice 1:1 with the Mentor and to receive immediate verbal feedback.

Exclusive upgrades for premium packages, including exclusive access to a unique audio and video library with coaching demos, and commentaries with tips and tools, a secure mentee area to access via private login all your recordings, resources, and communication with the Mentor, all stored conveniently and securely in one place. Premium packages also receive a complimentary copy of the EASIER Framework - a learning compendium to quickly and intuitively build confidence in the ICF coaching Core Competencies.

You can use every hour spent face-to-face with the Mentor to fulfill the ICF ACC, PCC, and MCC credentialing application requirements or ICF ACC and PCC credentialing renewal requirements. Please note that the mentor’s time to review recordings cannot count towards the 10 hours of Mentor Coaching (ICF Rule!)

Giuseppe Totino MCC - The  ICF EASIER 1-ON-1 Mentor Coaching Program for all level Coaching
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Program details

  • One-on-One program for more in-depth individual work and to speed-up learning
  • Focused on developing PCC or MCC level competency of the ICF Core Competencies
  • Earn Mentor Coaching hours for each Face-To-Face hour and fulfill your ICF Mentor Coaching Credentialing requirements
  • Free 30 minutes chemistry call 
  • For ICF ACC, PCC, and MCC credentialing application or renewal
  • Buy any number of hours that you can use within six months
  • Use of the PCC Markers for PCC levels, and whenever necessary
  • Possibility to practice 1:1 with the Mentor to hone skills and receive immediate feedback
  • Follow your pace - Frequency of sessions set according to your own needs
  • Video calls recorded for 24/7 access and review
  • Review of your session recordings with written and verbal feedback (Rough transcript also included in the price!)
  • Identify optimal recordings for credentialing application submission


Premium Packages only:

  • Access to library with PCC and MCC level video and audio recordings with coaching demos, tips, and tools (Premium packages only)
  • Secure mentee area to access via private login all recordings, resources, and communication with the Mentor (Premium packages only)
  • Use of the EASIER Framework, a learning compendium to quickly and intuitively build confidence in the ICF coaching Core Competencies (Premium packages only)

Tailored Learning Support

Giuseppe Totino, MCC - Amazing audio and video Libraries of coaching demos 600x480

Amazing Libraries

To learn and get inspired with unique videos and audios of MCC and PCC level Coaching Demos (*)

Giuseppe Totino, MCC - Custom Frequency and Focus 600x480

Flexible Session Schedule

To support your learning when and where you need it most with custom frequency and focus

Giuseppe Totino, MCC - The EASIER Framework Logo 600x480

The EASIER Framework

To quickly and intuitively build confidence in the Coaching Core Competencies (*)

Giuseppe Totino, MCC - Practice with Mentor 600x480

Practice with Mentor 

To speed up skill development  and receive immediate verbal feedback on what to leverage or develop

Giuseppe Totino, MCC - Secure Mentee Area 600x480

Secure Mentee Area

To store and access resources, reference material, and communication in one place (*)

Giuseppe Totino, MCC - Choose Use of Hours 600x48

Choose Use of Hours

To have F2F sessions or for session reviews with written feedback and make the best use of your investment

(*) Premium Packages only.

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Key Benefits of these Programs



Master Quality Coaching with Written Feedback Support

Access an Exquisite Coaching Demo Library with Over 40 MCC and PCC Level Recordings to Listen and Get Inspired (Premium Packages Only)

Giuseppe Totino MCC - The ICF Mentor Coaching Programs Demos Library 1280x720
Giuseppe Totino MCC - The One-on-One EASIER Mentor Coaching Program Member Area1280x720

Secure Mentee Area to Store and Access 24/7 Resources, Reference Material, and Communication with Mentor all in One Place (Premium Packages Only)


Free 30 minutes Chemistry Call

Before making any purchases, please contact me to schedule a free 30-minute video call. This will help us get to know each other and evaluate the work we will do together.

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One-on-One Programs



If you are a returning client or an existing client purchasing additional hours, before purchasing please get in touch with me for a discounted price.