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All The Knowledge You Need To Apply For A Successful ICF Credentialing


The EASIER Group Programs provide a comprehensive curriculum to get ready fully and with rigor and succeed with the ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credentialing or renewal applications. The program is ICF Accredited, with up to 10 participants, 7 groups, and 3 individual Mentor Coaching sessions. Based on the ICF Core Competencies and complemented with the PCC Markers study (ACC and PCC Levels). Includes up to 10 peer coaching practice sessions with peer and mentor’s feedback and a 1:1 debrief of 3 own recordings with written and verbal feedback. Sessions are with video and recorded. Access to a unique audio and video library with coaching demos, and commentaries with tips and tools, and practice quizzes to check your own progress. Up to 10 CCEUs in Core Competencies (+26 on their way subject to ICF Approval) can be used to fulfill the credentialing application requirements.

Giuseppe Totino MCC - The EASIER IFC Group Mentor Coaching Programs for ACC, PCC and MCC Credentialing
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Program details

  • Up to 10 CCEUs in Core Competencies ( + 26 on their way subject to ICF Approval)
  • For ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credentialing application or renewal
  • 3 months duration
  • Focused on developing the appropriate level of competency of the ICF Core Competencies (PCC or MCC)
  • Max 10 Participants
  • A safe, closed classroom learning environment with like-minded peers
  • 2 Coaching practices in each group session, followed by peer and mentor feedback
  • Weekly assignments and tests to speed up learning and to track own progress
  • Recorded video sessions for 24/7 access and review
  • Use of the EASIER Framework, a learning compendium created by Giuseppe Totino, MCC  
  • Infographics for each class, with key learning summaries 
  • Access to a unique audio library with PCC and MCC level Coaching Demos and commentary with tips and tools
  • Record own coaching in class that can be used for credentialing application (rough non-verbatim transcript of the sessions is provided and is included in the price!)
  • Review 3 own client recordings with written and verbal feedback (Rough transcript also included in the price!)
  • Identify optimal recordings for credentialing application submission

A Unique Learning Environment

Amazing Libraries

To learn and get inspired with unique videos and audios of MCC and PCC level Coaching Demos

Infographic for Each Topic

To support your learning with simple and clear summaries of the key learning points

Giuseppe Totino, MCC - The EASIER Framework Logo 600x480

The EASIER Framework

To quickly and intuitively build confidence in the Coaching Core Competencies

Coaching Practice

To build confidence session by session, receive feedback, and be inspired

Giuseppe Totino, MCC - Biweekly Quizzes 600x480

Biweekly Quizzes

To test and appreciate your progress as you advance in the program.

Recorded Sessions

To allow 24/7 access and review, all Group Sessions are video recorded


There is a group for each level of credentialing. Each group works towards strengthening the level of competence needed to be successful at that level.

Have a look at the details, FAQ's, starting dates, and choose your most convenient Program.

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Key Benefits of these Programs


ICF Group Mentor Coaching Program - Program Timeline with Curriculum and Goals

Receive Master-level Learning of the Core Competencies with a Comprehensive Curriculum over 14 Weeks.

Suitable to all Learning Styles with Video, Audio, and Graphic Learning Materials

Giuseppe Totino MCC - The ICF Mentor Coaching Programs Demos Library 1280x720
Giuseppe Totino MCC - The Community Board for ICF ACC, PCC, MCC  Credential Programs

Learn in a Unique Environment, interacting with Peers and Mentor over Personal and Community Boards


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Group Programs

Launch offer ACC & PCC - 1 Payment


$1,500.00 USD
Launch offer MCC - 1 Payment


$2,000.00 USD